Our Services

Just in case you need some clarification on to what we do – we write!  Exactly what we write is up to you, our potential clients, but here is a list to give you some ideas.

  1. Web content – for your home page, or general content throughout your site – keep your visitors interested
  2. SEO/keyword rich articles – search engines look for specific words to match a searchers query, so let us help you capture those prospects by writing targeted content
  3. Blogging – updating your blog takes time, but makes a big difference to your repeat visitors
  4. Featured articles – give your visitors something for free with information loaded feature articles
  5. Linking articles – articles for partner sites or article sites linking back to your website
  6. Regular newsletters – keep in touch with potential customers by putting out interesting articles linking back to your business
  7. Brochures – tell your customers what you do
  8. Magazine/ezine articles – on anything and everything!  Fill your pages and attract new customers
  9. Direct response campaigns – call-to-action sales pieces targeted at getting prospects to click on the “Buy Now” butto
  10. White papers – reports on products and services in more detail, giving your customers the information they need
  11. E-books – as giveaways to attract new visitors or as sales pieces
  12. Ads/press releases – keep bringing those prospects in!


If you can think of anything else we haven’t covered, just give us a bell and I am sure we will be able to accommodate you.