Our prices work on three levels; standard, project based and royalty based.


For straight forward web content pages we charge a set price.

Type Word count Comments Price
Home Page Per 250 Keyword Rich  £25
Feature Articles Per 500 Research based  £55
Blog Per 250 Social media linking  £20
Content pages Per 500 Product based, descriptive  £35
SEO based pages Per 500 Keyword rich  £40
Email newsletter Per 250 Call-to-Action  £25

Project based

For more detailed projects such as sales letters, direct response copy, mail packages, brochures, autoresponder series, ebooks etc., we don’t charge per hour or word count, but instead base our prices on value. The higher the benefit to you the greater the project is worth, and this is discussed in detail at the onset of the project. There will never be any nasty surprises; we will send you our final costings prior to commencement and these will not change throughout the project. You pay 50% up front and the remainder when you are happy with the completed work.

We also appreciate how frustrating websites that don’t give you a ball park figure are, so for your guidance only we work on average between £250 and £500 per day.

Royalty Based

For projects that you expect to stand the test of time, we work off royalties.  A retainer fee is agreed and paid up front, and then a percentage is paid every time our work generates an income.  This is usually 1-2% of the monies generated, as agreed at onset.  This is an ideal option if your cash flow is tight as it spreads the cost of the work over a period of time.

In the First Instance

Call us on 07863108975 for an initial chat.  We can give you an estimate within a couple of days, then when you decide to go ahead we will calculate the final price for you.


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