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As is fitting on a writing website, we are going to tell you a story……

Once upon a time there was a set of twins who both wanted to start their own online business, selling the same products.

Peter duly set up his website as quickly as possible, listed all his products with some great pictures, added an e-commerce section, put out some adverts and sat back to wait for the sales to roll in.  And they did – slowly.

Paul set up his website but decided he wanted to give his customers something of value for free first, so they would learn to trust his site, return regularly and then buy time and time again.  He invested in a good web content writer (from Creating Content of course!) who worked with Paul to create a series of information feature articles and interesting facts about his products.  They wrote a killer home page, and a Call-to-Action sales page.

Paul didn’t just sit back and wait for the sales; he kept on employing Creating Content to add new web content to his site.  He invested time and money and to start the sales were slow.

Peter’s sales continued to dribble in at the same rate and, initially, he sold more than his twin and smirked whenever they met up.  But Paul’s visitor numbers started to increase, and his site crept up the search engine rankings steadily.  He noticed more and more people were returning for repeat visits, while the sales page brought in more and more new customers.

And the sales started – first a trickle then a torrent.  It took time and effort but by consistently adding fresh content and giving his customers information they needed, Paul’s sales soon overtook Peter’s.  Who is smirking now Peter!

And the moral of the story is – pictures are pretty, but content creates customers.



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